Last update: Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 12:18 PM.
    • rssCloud.root implements an rssCloud server in the OPML Editor. It's the code I'm running at
    • These instructions assume you know how to use the object database that's built into the OPML Editor.
    • Choose Tools Catalog from the Misc menu in the OPML Editor and click the Install link next to rssCloud.root.
    • In the OPML Editor, from the Windows menu, choose config.root and navigate to config.rssCloud. Open prefs. When you're ready to start receiving subscriptions and pings, set config.rssCloud.prefs.enabled to true.
    • If you want to have changes.xml maintained, set up your server for Amazon S3, and set enableChangesXML to true, and s3ChangesPath to the path of the S3 folder to contain the changes.xml files. The main file will be written every minute. There is also an hourly archive that maintains a history, in XML of sites that have pinged your server.
    • I want to integrate this tool with radio2.root, so that sites can host their own rssCloud servers. Need to get this distributed.
    • My changes.xml file is public, as is the archive. Here is a snapshot from my server on March 7, 2011.
    • Review the walkthrough for rssCloud to understand how this server fits into the other components of the rssCloud system -- the content systems, aggregators and of course the feeds.
    • The home page of the rssCloud site has background, history and pointers to specs.